Was I right?

December 9, 2009 at 12:55 am (Uncategorized)

“Tom, could you please ask the bus driver to wait for me, I have something to do. I promise you I won’t be late.” Hazman said to Tom

” Sure mate, there will be 2 buses and I’ll make sure one will wait for you,” replied Tom.

Hazman was relieved to hear the assurance from Tom. He knew that he could rely on his friend for that. Hazman looked at his watch and it was 4.45. The bus was scheduled to leave at 5pm. That gave him 15 minutes to do the obligation. He hurried towards Ferdaus and Hilfi.

” Fer, Hilfi, I’ve told someone that we might be a bit late and asked him to tell the bus driver to wait for us,” Hazman informed both of them.

” Let’s just perform the Maghrib prayer or else we might miss it, explained Hilfi.

The three of them quickly went to the prayer room. They had no time to delay. There were two options for them to choose from. The first was to pray and have the risk of missing the bus or to board the bus and  they might miss the prayer. They decided to take the first option.

Hazman took the sajdah and prepared it for the prayer. Hilfi went to the front to lead the prayer. Hazman and Fer stayed at the back as the ma’mum. The loud takbir of “Allahuakbar” was heard and the prayer started.

The maghrib prayer was not long. As an Imam, Hilfi knew the situation and he recited short surahs for that. Within 7 minutes, the prayer was over. They quickly ran to catch the bus.

Under the rain, the 3 friends ran towards the main gate to catch the bus. At one moment, one of them almost fell to the ground as it was slippery due to the wet condition. Ferdaus kept on forcing the other two to run faster.

The view of the main gate became more obvious as they approached it. The three friends looked at their watches and the time was 4.56pm. They knew that one of the buses must be waiting for them. They could hear the sound of engines opposite to the entrance.

But as they reached the main gate, there was no vehicle to be seen………..



  1. jannah sharif said,

    what’s this?
    is it real? when?

    • hazmansabri said,

      Oh, ari isnin ari tuh. 1st day ssc. Miss bas balik ke leeds. Amik bas awam dari wakefield. huhuhu

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