Of understanding and tolerance

December 10, 2009 at 5:12 pm (Uncategorized)

People used to say that if we were to live peacefully and in harmony, we have to be tolerant. Respect other people’s view, opinion and their stand. However,  the characteristics mentioned are depleted or lost as people grow up. It’s natural for someone to have their own views on something as it is part of our process of growing and being matured. The problem is when we do not respect other people’s opinion and to make things worse we want people to follow what we think.

Allah creates this world in diversity. Everyone has its own unique characters not forgotten their weaknesses as well. This is what makes the world special and interesting. Everyone is a complement to each other. You complete me and my presence in your life make both our life more cheerful and full with happiness. Maybe there will be some misunderstanding between the two people but that is life. That is when we learn to accept others. Respecting their thoughts and ideas.

Just imagine, someone ask you to do something and you know you may not be able to do that. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Some people can easily reject your request but not to others. There are people in this world who find it difficult to say NO to other people’s hope. Just like myself. I do not know why, but saying the magic word “NO” seems very difficult to me. To say NO, you need to have the courage which I seem not to have it. And because of that, there are people whom I hurt due to this incapability.

May Allah bless and guides me to the way which He thinks is the best for me. Ya Muqalliba al qulub, tsabbit qulubi ala dinika wa ala taatika. Amin


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