The first loss

December 13, 2009 at 9:43 am (Uncategorized)

This morning was so peaceful. I could hear no sound at all when I woke up. I slept from 7pm until about 7 am this morning. I was just too tired after not having enough sleep for 2 days. I did not sleep at all on the Saturday night and I had to play badminton on the evening, the 2 incidents that left my body so weak that I needed so much rest to recover. Being smashed on the head with a badminton racquet left my forehead bleeding and swelling. Gosh, so unlucky.

I personally think that one would experience losses throughout his life. I had experienced so many losses in my life. It can be in terms of friends, possessions, family and anything else. There is a story that I could still remember and I don’t reckon I could ever forget it.

” Hazman, are you ready for school? ” asked madam Habibah to his eldest son.

” Yes mum, are we going to leave now? ” replied Hazman

” Could you please come upstairs, there’s something I want you to have” Hazman’s mum told him.

Hazman looked at the clock hanging on the wall in front of him. It was 6.50 am. ” Hem, I don’t want to be late to school,” Hazman whispered to himself. Reluctantly, he went upstairs to meet his mother.

Hazman was so excited to go to his school that day. He would sleep at school for the first time ever in his life. Since it was to be his first experience of doing that, he was very eager to get to school early.

” Mama will not be seeing you tonight because you will be at school, and mama wants you to be very careful ok,” said madam Habibah to Hazman

” Yes, mama,” said Hazman.

” By the way, take this with you,” Mama passed something to Hazman. Hazman took it wondering what was the content of the box. Upon opening the box, Hazman just couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was Nokia 5110.

File:Nokia 5110.jpg

” Wow, mama, what’s this for? ” Hazman wondered why his mom gave a very expensive item to him

” I just want to call you tonight, hoping that you would be fine”, replied the loving mother. ” But, make sure you keep the phone well,” warned Mama

“Yes, no problemo,” said Hazman

That morning, Hazman was so happy with his new phone. He put the phone carefully into his bag and then when the driver arrived, he took his bag and went off to school.

3.30 pm

The class had finished. The ustaz was gathering all the standard 4 students to brief them about their activities. Hazman got into the queue and listened to what the ustaz was saying.

” If anyone has any valuable items, could you please give them to me. We’ve had many things stolen in the past and I don’t want it to happen again,” said the ustaz in front all the students.

Being confident that he knew how to keep his phone, Hazman chose not to tell the ustaz.

Afterwards, Hazman and his friends went to their allocated dormitory and keep their bags there. They quickly left the room for their evening activities. Upon leaving the room, he saw someone who he did not know wondering around the area. Thinking that it might be someone who worked for the place, he ignored it


The boys were tired after the evening activity. Along with his friend, he walked to his room. Suddenly, he felt like calling his mother to tell her that he was fine. He took his bag for his phone

But his phone was nowhere to be found…………………………………………………..

Hazman searched his bag again, he took everything out from his bag, put them on the floor and looked carefully for his phone. He still couldn’t find it.

He was terribly afraid. He just had the phone in the morning and now it was gone. Hazman knew that he could do nothing. If he was to report it to the ustaz, he was too afraid of being scolded for keeping such an expensive item in the bag.

He was about to cry, but he decided not to.

He quickly ran to the prayer room. He took his ablution and performed the Solat hajat not knowing that it is not permissible to perform any prayer after the asr prayer.

He prayed that anyone who stole his phone would fall sick, suffer a very terrible death and then, would be burnt in the lowest hell of fire.

After the prayer, Hazman still felt terrible. He was so regret for not telling the ustaz about the phone. In his mind, he kept on thinking that if he was to give the phone to the ustaz, that surely wouldn’t happen.

Hazman stood up and walked out of the prayer room. He walked around the dormitory and decided to sit under a big tree alone. He looked around to relax himself. He saw his friends chatting to each other and laughing happily. He wanted to join them, but he just didn’t have the mood to do so.

He saw people walking around, cars passing by on the road outside the camping area and he looked at the canteen nearby. At the canteen, he saw someting

It was a public phone.

Hazman searched his pocket looking for any coins. He went to the phone, picked it up and started dialling.

He knew what awaits him once his mother answered the call………




  1. jannah sharif said,

    aha sweetnye hazman..hehe

  2. DeeN said,

    Bila punya cerita ni?

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